Speech Therapy

Our team of Speech Pathologists are a passionate bunch that bring creativity and innovation to each and every one of their sessions! Here at The Therapy Place we cover all manner of speech, language and communication concerns including:

Early language development

Many of our children are “late talkers” and benefit from a wide range of approaches informed by Hanen programs and other child-directed approaches. Many of our parents also find parent-coaching a valuable part of this service.

School-age language and literacy

This can include spelling, writing, reading comprehension and story writing skills. Many of our children have seen benefit from access to Systematic Sequential Phonics through Speech Therapy as well as narrative development approaches such as Story Grammar Marker ™.

Speech Sound Disorders/Articulation

This may include difficulties with phonological processes (sound error patterns) that require support from a Speech Pathologist.


A disorder of movement and control that affects speech sound development and the intelligibility of speech


This refers to Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Many of our clients (whether verbal or not) are accessing some form of AAC. This may be high-tech (electronic) or low-tech (picture/card based).


Sometimes normal dysfluency persists beyond the pre-school years and a Speech Pathologist can be helpful in determining the best approach to remediating the stutter.

Autism and other social communication disorders

Here at The Therapy Place we are very passionate about incorporating the Social Thinking ™ methodologies into our sessions and teaching our children to be “flexible thinkers!” We also use a lot of the Zones of Regulation ™ concepts to help assist our children in their emotion regulation.

Executive Function

Many of our children experience difficulties just getting themselves organised! Planning, prioritizing, time management, task focus, self-monitoring and memory are all skills that we need for everyday life! Did you know this is something a Speech Pathologist can help with?

​Give us a call today if you would like to speak to one our friendly Speech Pathologists about your child’s development and how we can help!