Group Programs

Research shows that children learn from other children. For children struggling with social anxiety, poor social skills, or even specific skill deficits, the group setting offers the therapist a chance to help each child work through their obstacles with other children as they occur.

Handwriting Group

If your child avoids handwriting or needs to work on letter formation, speed or even ideas for what to write this group will help. Run by our dedicated and experienced Occupational Therapist, they will work to develop, not only the skills for writing but their confidence in doing so.

Social Skill Groups

Our social skills groups focus on the skills of joining in play, making and keeping friends, working in a group, understanding and controlling our emotions, listening to others and reciprocal conversation skills.

School Readiness Groups

Prepare your child for school! Including social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, literacy, conversation, pretend bell times and snack time. A great way to improve skills and confidence for the start of school.

Groups are run during term time and as intensive school holiday programs. Contact us to register your interest!