We offer a wide range of paediatric therapy services.

Our Specialised Services

The Therapy Place has a diverse range of specialised interventions provided by highly skilled therapists that work together to provide support for your child and your family.

Our approach to therapy is holistic and kind. We know that parenting is difficult, however being a parent of a child with special needs is so very hard. The aim of each and every therapist in our team is to support you to be the best parent you can and to see your child grow in confidence, skills and happiness.

Our paediatric occupational therapists apply their specialised knowledge to help your child develop independence in all their activities.

We cover all manner of speech, language and communication concerns.

Food school and dietetics is a comprehensive program designed to help your child increase the range of foods they will eat and learn to enjoy eating.

Handwriting, Social Skills and School Readiness Groups

Splash is an aquatic therapy and swimming program for children with special needs