Splash Aquatic Therapy Program

This program runs as an intensive 5 day program every school holidays.

Swimming and water safety are necessary skills for all children. We have designed a specialised program to help children with a variety of special needs, sensory processing issues and motor coordination difficulties reach their full potential and learn to swim. We offer a range of therapies including swimming lessons, aquatic therapy and dedicated physical therapy in the water.

All our therapists are trained swimming teachers and there is a big focus on swimming skills and water safety within the program.

Aquatic therapy can improve motor planning and coordination, self-regulation, speech and communication, oral motor control, reflex-patterning and even life skills such as getting dressed.

Children with Autism

Many children with Autism have sensory issues that impact on their everyday life. Regardless of this, they LOVE the water. The hydrostatic pressure of the water provides a blanket of deep pressure making them calmer and more receptive to learning.

Children with Autism often struggle with attention and regulation. They have poor impulse control making them dangerous around water, with parents often telling us if they see water their child will jump right in, regardless of whether they can swim.

Despite loving water, the business of a regular swimming program is often overwhelming. We offer a calm, one to one or small group lessons with dedicated paediatric therapists trained in working with children on the spectrum.

Children with movement difficulty

The buoyancy of the water reduces the effects of gravity, poor balance and poor postural control. This allows a child to experience a much greater range of movement that can strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve respiratory function and help with general gross motor improvement.

It’s so exciting to see a child who may not be independent on land walk in the water or learn to move by themselves. The smiles speak for themselves!