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Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions may be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. Sessions will focus on the individual goals that have been developed for your child.

We are happy to see children in our clinic rooms or to complete outreach visits to a child's home, school, kinder or childcare.

Home Programs

At The Therapy Place we provide each child with an individual home and/or school program. Families who do their ‘homework’ will see results very quickly in their child’s confidence and abilities. If not, it’s like going to the gym once a week….it makes a difference but not as quickly.

Group Therapy Sessions

We may recommend group therapy sessions. If several children have the same issue, group sessions are really valuable. Not only are they more affordable but they help the children to know that they are not the only ones with a particular difficulty. It’s also really lovely to see the children encouraging each other. We often get comments like ‘Don’t give up, you nearly did it that time’ or ‘That’s great writing, you’re getting heaps better’. All groups have a maximum of four children and are run during term time.

The groups we are currently running are:
  • Writing Right - an eight week group that focus on letter formation, spacing, pencil grip and body control.
  • Motor Movers - an eight week group that targets children with coordination difficulties and low muscle tone.